urban sessions

Four-day Urban Festival

A new free festival will turn the Belgian capital into the centre stage of the world’s most daring action sports and urban lifestyle. During 4 days, the world’s best male and female athletes in BMX Freestyle will show their coolest tricks on custom-built ramps. And they will compete for victory during world-class competitions.

Urban Sessions Brussels will also include other action sports entertainment such as parkour, breakdancing and skateboarding but also street art, and fun activities for everyone to enjoy.

(text from the official website)

Pictures : 

Ladies day 1 : Saturday July 2 2022 

Ladies day 2 : Sunday July 3 2022 

Men day 1 : Saturday July 2 2022 

Men day 2 : Sunday July 2 2022 

Other urban sports 


(text from the official website) urbansessions.be/